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What is the edge house?

We are a campus ministry gathering place on the edge of the University of Cincinnati that is home to the ministries of Alice Connor (ELCA and Episcopal), Chris Bean (CCO & Church of the Nazarene), and Jamie Noyd (LCMS).

Students, faculty, and staff of UC from all denominations, faiths, and lack-of-faiths are welcome at The Edge. Our mission is to provide a safe, hospitable place for faith-wrestling, community, doubt, mercy, conversation, and napping. The house itself has many spaces to relax, study, play, and converse. We have WiFi, delicious and fairly-traded free coffee, a small library housing a collection of religious books, and the Listening Bench on the MLK side of the house. Come down to the edge of campus and check us out.

The Edge House: on the edge of campus, on the edge of faith.

Where is the Edge

You ever notice no one gives directions anymore? Used to, you would get something like, "Drive down Clifton 'bout a mile or so, past that old building where that coffee shop where Jim's work used to be, take a left at Old Man's Tree, and you can't miss it. If you hit Graeter's, you've gone too far." Now we just Google it.

The Edge House is at 3007 Clifton Avenue. If you don't want to Google it, try this: we're at the corner of Martin Luther King and Clifton Ave, which is cattycorner from the DAAP Works, across the road from Burnet Woods Park (the grassy lawn bit, not the trees), and right next to a urologist-- that help?

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